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Nepal Activity Review

Friends for Asia operates all over Asia and from Indonesia to Nepal volunteers take part in life changing projects, both for the locals and the volunteers themselves. Our programs in Kathmandu provide locals with much needed help as they rebuild after the devastating recent earthquake. Because the earthquake caused so much damage in and around Kathmandu, our volunteers in Nepal have a unique opportunity to help those who are in need of it most. Helping rebuild schools, temples, and hospitals are just a few of the things that our volunteers will have an active roll in doing while living in Kathmandu.

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While living in Nepal, our volunteers make build lasting relationships with the communities in which they are working. When volunteers spend time in a community they get a much better sense of how life really works in Nepal. Working and making friends with locals gives participants a great advantage to seeing the sights and attractions not visited by tourist or backpackers. Temples dot the landscape of the city and give Kathmandu a real unique atmosphere. Ancient stupas and other Tibetan Buddhist sites are a great place to get a sense of the history and traditions that make Nepal famous.

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Nestled high in the Himalayan foothills, Nepal is home to some jaw-dropping natural beauty. Camping and hiking are easily accessible through local guides or contacts that volunteers find as they live in Kathmandu. Mountain climbing and other extreme sports are very popular and places to explore nature are never hard to find. Panoramic views of high snow-topped peaks and deep, rocky valleys make Nepal and spectacular place to see natural beauty. Some climbers come from all over the world attempt to summit the mightiest peak in the world, Mount Everest. But for the less serious adventurers, a trek to the Everest base camp it a great alternative to risking your life climbing a dangerous mountain. Or simply enjoy one of the thousands of beautiful trails by using a trekking outfitter.

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While high end shopping isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of Kathmandu, local craftsmen and merchants sell some very unique items at the markets. The city has several malls as well as artisan markets where handcrafted souvenirs, fabrics, and traditional garments can be found. And with all of our volunteer opportunities in smaller rural areas of Nepal, volunteers stumble across small markets and can find amazing items that tourist simply never see.