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Nepal Earthquake Volunteer Project

This Project is now full, and we do not have additional project spots. Please check out our regular Volunteer Nepal Projects.

Nepal Earthquake Volunteer Project

In the wake of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25, there has been an international outpouring of support. People around the world are eager to find out how they can contribute to the relief effort.

Volunteer in Nepal

At Friends for Asia, we’ve witnessed this firsthand. Over the past few days, we’ve been utterly overwhelmed with inquiries from prospective applicants asking if we can send them to Kathmandu to lend a hand. In the wake of such a tragic event, it’s inspiring to see so many people reaching out to help in any way they can. Indeed, it reaffirms something we learned a long time ago in our line of work. The human race are – above all else – a people of compassion.

Our partners in Nepal are currently on the front lines of the relief effort. They’ve given us the green light to send volunteers directly to Kathmandu to assist them in their ongoing work. Specifically, they need help in the following two areas:

• Digging out/clearing rubble and rebuilding

• Preparing food and feeding the displaced and aid workers

The scope of devastation coupled with the slow pace of international aid is only compounding difficulties in Nepal. For that reason, we’re placing applications for all of our other Nepal projects on hold and devoting our resources to earthquake relief. Projects that are currently underway will continue, but no new applications for other projects will be accepted over the next two weeks. Join the earthquake relief effort in Nepal

If you would like to assist in one of the two areas indicated above, we encourage you to submit an application to Friends for Asia. Please note that there is a fee associated with this project, and the vast majority of it goes directly to our partners on the ground. They’re currently struggling with dramatic increases in the cost of food, fuel and other basic necessities. The project fees that are collected over the next two weeks will enable them to continue providing frontline support in Kathmandu.

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering in one of the world’s most impoverished nations is difficult to begin with, and we routinely remind our volunteers how important it is to remain flexible when volunteering in Nepal. However, the earthquake relief project we’re coordinating is an extreme case. Conditions on the ground are constantly evolving, and it’s difficult to say with any certainty how volunteers will be asked to help, or precisely what they will be asked to do. With that in mind, it’s absolutely imperative that all volunteers at the earthquake relief zone remain open-minded and ready to adapt as new challenges emerge.

If you’d like to get involved in the important earthquake relief work underway right now in Nepal, please submit an application to Friends for Asia. Once you’ve applied, we’ll follow-up by sending you more in-depth information. Time is of the essence in these early stages, so we hope to have volunteers on the ground as early as next week.

This is a minimum two-week project, but applicants who sign up with Friends for Asia are able to extend their tenure once they are in the country. All project extensions will be coordinated directly with the staff on the ground.

Volunteer Qualifications

Volunteer in Nepal

The minimum age requirement for volunteers in the project is 18. Volunteers need to have a working knowledge of tools, building and good with their hands and/or ability to connect with people in extremely difficult conditions. Massive amounts of flexibility and patience will also be needed in large amounts.

Volunteer Fees

Participation in the Nepal Earthquake Support Volunteer Project is $550 for two weeks. PLEASE KNOW ALL OF THIS FEE GOES TO THE HOSTING ORGANIZATION IN KATHMANDU.

Volunteer Fee Includes

Airport pick up and drop off, FFA accident insurance, accommodation during orientation and entire project time, 2 day orientation, 10 hours of basic Nepalese language lessons, all meals during project placement, 24/7 assistance support.

Volunteer Fee Does Not Include

Plane tickets, international medical insurance, cost of transportation to and from work location.