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Prior to Arriving in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

Emergency Contact/Arrival and Departure Details

We require all volunteers to provide us with:
Arrival/departure details
Emergency contact information
Information related to your medical history relevant to this trip.

We require this so that everyone is well informed and prepared in the event of an emergency. It is essential to have this information as you may be in a situation where you cannot speak for yourself. You will be requested to provide the following:

1) Your arrival and departure details: flight dates, times, airline, flight numbers or overland details if applicable

2) An emergency contact person at home, phone number and email address for them

3) Your insurance carrier while traveling (to be given to medical personnel in the event you are unable to)

4) Allergies (to medication particularly)

5) Medication you plan to be taking while traveling

6) any special dietary requirements you have that need to be passed on to the partner (i.e. vegetarian)

You will be asked to submit this out before you start the program.

Additionally, all volunteers are required to submit a clean criminal police background check, because many of the programs Friends for Asia (Nepal) undertake or involve working closely with children. Volunteers will need to provide a report that states they do not have a police record. In some countries you will be able to request this report from your local police station. In those countries where police stations cannot provide this report volunteers will need to provide three written character references from reputable sources (employer, Justice of the Peace, landlord, Minister of your local church, teacher, etc). Please contact Friends for Asia (Nepal) if unsure of acceptable sources. Volunteers must provide the documentation to Friends for Asia (Nepal) no less than 2 weeks prior to your intended program start date. Friends for Asia, Volunteers must provide Friends for Asia (Nepal) the original documents on the first day of training.

If arriving in Nepal before training is due to start check with your travel agent about booking additional accommodation in Kathmandu. Alternatively, you may like Friends for Asia (Nepal) to book a room in the guesthouse used for training, please contact Friends for Asia (Nepal) directly to arrange this. Volunteers are financially responsible for any accommodation before training begins.

Volunteer Orientation and Time Line

Volunteer in Nepal 10

Training begins on the first day of each month however; there may be a change to the starting date during the Dashain and Tihar festivals around September/November. As these festivals are determined by the lunar calendar we will advise volunteers wishing to begin around this time of the year regarding training start dates.

You are expected to be available to begin training on the first scheduled day (note: strictly no exceptions to this rule). Training consists of five days and is divided into two phases as detailed below. For volunteers in a program for four weeks or less you will have the option of ending your training on the second or fifth day, this will be discussed with you when you arrive in Nepal. This is a thorough training program to prepare you for Nepali culture and to teach you enough Nepali language to function in your placement.

Please note that the following schedule may vary slightly without notice. All training materials will be disseminated during training.

Volunteer Orientation Phase One (days 1 and 2) – All volunteers will be collected from the guesthouse reception area at 10:00 AM on the first day of training and escorted to the Friends for Asia (Nepal) office HQ. On the second day you will be expected to make your own way to the office to begin training at 10:00 Am. Training includes: • Introduction to Friends for Asia (Nepal) programs • Discussion about current placements available • Introduction to Friends for Asia (Nepal) Code of Conduct, program rules , volunteer responsibilities and Volunteer travel Ethics • An introduction to Nepali culture , People & Caste System • Basic Nepali Language Lesson • Tips on personal health and safety • lunch ( Dal bhat Tarkari) • Sight Seeing Training ends at approximately 3.00pm during phase one, leaving you with free time in which you may wish to explore your surroundings, go shopping or meet up with current volunteers. Please note that training days can be exhausting, especially if you only arrive the day before it starts. If you want to do extensive sightseeing in Kathmandu we recommend that you arrive in Nepal a few days early to enable enough time to visit the area before training begins.

Volunteer in Nepal

Accommodation on days one and two of training will be in a local guesthouse which is located in Thamel and near to the Friends for Asia (Nepal) office. All of the rooms have ‘western-style’ toilets and hot-water showers. A telephone is available in reception, a safe is available to keep valuables secure and meals are available from the dining room. Depending on availability, during training you will either have a single room or you may have to share a room with a same-sex volunteer.

During phase one of training, only morning tea and lunch will be provided, volunteers are responsible for all other meals. You will find there are many economical food options in Thamel within walking distance of your hotel.

Phase Two (days 3 to 5) – For phase two of training the volunteer will move to a local village to provide volunteer with an orientation into Nepali village life. Volunteers are placed individually into local host families, unless they specifically request to be placed with another volunteer. You will eat traditional Nepali food, observe village culture and get a general feel for local life while continuing your Nepali language and cultural lessons. You will also be offered the opportunity to attend local sights of interest with a Friends for Asia (Nepal) staff member. During this phase of training there will be plenty of time to review language lessons, practice language with the locals and adjust to the slow pace of Nepali life. * On the last day of training the volunteer will be collected from the training village and return to the guesthouse.
During training you will have the opportunity to discuss the various placements available, Friends for Asia (Nepal) will take into consideration volunteer requests and needs regarding placements but will have the final say on where volunteers are placed. Many factors are considered when assigning placements and these can be discussed further with Friends for Asia (Nepal) when in Nepal. If however, you are uncomfortable or not satisfied with your placement after some time please discuss with Friends for Asia (Nepal) staff, every effort will be made to ensure your placement experience is rewarding.