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Nepal Volunteer Booking Guide

Booking Procedure for Nepal Volunteer Projects

1. Complete Online Application.
2. Read through this Booking and Info Guide.
3. Complete additional Volunteer Nepal Questionnaire. This is sent to applicants after an application has been submitted.
4. Sign Terms and Conditions and Liability Agreement. A PDF of this is sent to volunteers near the end of the application and booking process. Find an online copy of the material from this document here.
5. Send Project Deposit of $195 US Dollars to book spot in your project. Only send this after you have received confirmation of your placement from a placement officer.
6. Purchase travel insurance for the length of project time.
7. Make travel arrangements to arrive into Kathmandu, Nepal between 8am and 8pm on your project start date.
8. Send balance of the project fee by 30 days prior to project start date.

Volunteer Program Overview and fees

Volunteer in Nepal

Placements range from two weeks to three months, however depending on the timing of your stay in Nepal your placement can be up to a maximum of 5 months (dependant on visa allowances) with limitations on which program you can join, depending on the your length of stay. The Home stay/Cultural Exchange program is only offered for either two weeks or one month.

Most volunteers live with a Nepali host family, and for orphanage program volunteers we recommend that they will stay at the orphanage placement.

All of our Nepal Projects start at a project fee of $750 (US Dollars) for two weeks, with additional weeks are $80/week for bookings through the 31st of March, 2013. After the 31st of March, 2013 all of our Nepal Project fees will be $799 for two weeks, with additional weeks at $99/week.

Once the $195 non-refundable deposit is received, then the balance of the fee (entire fee, minus the deposit) is due 30 days prior to the project start date.

Please note: it is not an option for volunteers to arrange their own accommodation whilst participating in the program (outside of breaks). Volunteers are expected to remain with their host family for the duration of their stay, as these are arranged in close proximity to placements. In the even of host family issues which cannot be remedied, an alternative arrangement will be made by Friends for Asia (Nepal) staff.

Volunteer teaching in Nepal

Volunteers are welcome to join a program with their partners, children, siblings and friends. To do so will require all persons formally joining the program. Those who wish to be located in the same placement will need to be flexible about which program they do. As placements vary from month to month it cannot be guaranteed you will be placed in the program of your choice if you want to be placed with another person in particular. There will be interruptions to your program no matter what time of year you are volunteering. During certain months there are festivals that will mean schools will close and some programs will have no local participants for you to work with. This is a great opportunity for you to interact with the local culture and volunteers are welcome to participate in local festivities.

General Volunteer Info

This section has been written in order to better prepare you as a volunteer, not only for the work that you will be involved in but the environment you will be living in as well.

We understand that each individual experience will vary, so we cannot guarantee that everything will be the same as described. However, this is a good general outline of what you should expect when volunteering in Nepal. We ask that you prepare yourself to be flexible in regards to changes to programs while in Nepal, use your initiative while in placement and be motivated to assist with any issues that may arise.

Most importantly please make sure you communicate. Friends for Asia (Nepal) cannot resolve any issues you are experiencing if they don’t know they exist.

Volunteer Program Rules and Code of Conduct

Volunteer in Nepal

All program placements have rules that you will also need to abide by, which will be explained in detail during training in Nepal. During your placement if you are ever unsure of these you should consult Friends for Asia (Nepal) staff to clarify. Failure to abide by the program rules and the Friends for Asia (Nepal) Code of Conduct will result in your immediate expulsion from the program without warning.

Remember, during your time as a volunteer you are a representative of Friends for Asia (Nepal). We ask that you conduct yourself with this in mind and be considerate of the lasting relationships that Friends for Asia (Nepal) continues after you have left the country. In addition, when you are in Nepal we expect you to follow the local laws and regulations. Friends for Asia (Nepal) will not be responsible for assisting you if local laws are not adhered to and if penalties are enforced.

We also ask you to remember when working with children that you are a role model and it is necessary to conduct yourself appropriately at all times when in their company. This includes being aware of your actions, your speech and personal hygiene. It will also be necessary for you to follow the same rules outlined for the children in each home.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Each program within Nepal will have specific volunteer responsibilities. All placements are based on volunteers taking initiative and being pro active about their work. Although Friends for Asia (Nepal) will provide the foundation for the projects that volunteers will take part in, volunteers are expected to bring their own knowledge and skills with them in order for the program to be successful. There will need to be a discussion with Friends for Asia (Nepal) staff if you wish to set up a new initiative or project to ensure it is appropriate, beneficial to the community and sustainable.

In the teaching program it is likely that you will be the sole volunteer in the classroom so confidence in the classroom is vital. Classes cannot run when you are not available so if you are sick or unable to make it to a class for some reason you will need to ensure that you let staff know. Make sure you allow them sufficient time to find a replacement teacher for the lesson.


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