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School and Community Maintenance Volunteer Project

Volunteer Nepal – School and Community Maintenance Project

Discover what it is like to travel with a purpose. Join the growing number of world volunteers who find that the best way to get to know a country is by participating in its communities and getting to know its people. Volunteer on this program make invaluable contributions to local communities’ livelihoods, infrastructure, and education and health care facilities. By contributing their time, energy and expertise participants not only maintain existing buildings, but also develop new facilities which would otherwise be difficult for the communities to achieve single-handedly.

Volunteer in Nepal

Over the years, Friends For Asia has worked with many communities through the provision of labor and skills to help them achieve their goals, whether painting the local school, building school toilets, installing water pumps and taps, creating a village football pitch, or preparing ground for a new children’s home project.

Support is only offered where a viable request has been made by a community. In most cases we are invited to support an ongoing or new initiative through the provision of volunteers, enabling the project to reduce its labor costs. In other instances, School-Community Maintenance volunteers may provide services to local government schools and children’s homes. The tasks of the volunteer in this project are many and varied. The key focus on the maintenance of buildings and everything that goes with it. Cleaning, painting, DIY, roofing, plumbing and carpentry are all regular jobs in the daily routine. No special skills are required, there is always plenty to do for everyone

Volunteering in Nepal – A Day In The Life

Daily life in this project revolves around the routines of your host family, providing a unique experience that no tour operator can offer. Nepali families typically rise early. Breakfast is taken with the family before volunteers head out for their day’s work. There is no such thing as a typical day in this project, with tasks ranging from painting walls to fixing leaky taps. Evenings are typically spent with the family who will often be joined by visitors to share the evening meal.

Once you arrive in Nepal, you will be provided with a training orientation program. This will usually last for 2 days. As a School-Community Maintenance volunteer you will usually work side by side with community members and hired/skilled laborers if required. Unless you come with a specific skills set or expertise you will be performing manual labor activities, i.e. a whole lot of humping, dumping, digging and painting! By comparison to Western standards the projects you will work on will be extremely low tech, and you will perform every task by hand with rudimentary local tools.

Volunteer in Nepal

A placement coordinator will visit you on the project site regular basis, but you will be expected to take your day-to-day guidance from the community or school you are working with. In 99% of placements you will be staying in the community you are helping, so you should be able to develop a strong bond with the people you are working with. This program can be physically demanding, so a reasonable level of fitness is required. Projects are often disrupted for a variety of reasons, such as shortage of supplies, strikes, weather and festivals. Given this, patience, motivation and determination are a prerequisite to being a School-Community Maintenance volunteer, as is the ability to work with your hands and do whatever is needed with a smile on your face.


Volunteer Nepal – Making a Difference

It is amazing how rewarding a simple job like painting a school wall or fixing a desk in a classroom can be. By Westerns standards facilities in Nepal villages are basic and are often poorly maintained. Volunteers in our School and Community Maintenance Project can make a significant mark on a community in the few weeks they spend there, enriching the lives of the locals and bringing a fresh perspective to students and the community.

Volunteer Qualifications

Volunteer in Nepal

The minimum age requirement for volunteers in the School and Community Maintenance Project is 18. Volunteers need to have a working knowledge of tools, building and good with their hands. Of course skills like carpentry or masonry will be a great help, but this is an easygoing project and many of our volunteers just learn on the job. There is something here for all skill levels.

Volunteer Fees

Participation in the School and Community Maintenance Volunteer Project starts at $799 for two weeks, with each additional week is $99.

Volunteer Fee Includes

Airport pick up and drop off, FFA accident insurance, accommodation during orientation and entire project time, 2 day orientation, 10 hours of basic Nepalese language lessons, all meals during project placement, 24/7 assistance support.

Volunteer Fee Does Not Include

Plane tickets, international medical insurance, cost of transportation to and from work location.

Nepal School and Community Maintenance Volunteer Project Start Dates

The 1st and 15th of every month are the start / arrival dates for this program. An orientation is provided in the days after arrival, and prior to actual start in one’s service program.