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Volunteer Terms and Conditions

Friends For Asia

Terms and Conditions

The term “participant” refers to any individual who is (or will be) partaking in Friends For Asia’s volunteer or intern projects.

Participation in Friends For Asia projects begins when an individual is picked up by Friends For Asia staff upon arrival into Nepal.

The project fee deposit is US$195. The deposit fee is not refundable under any circumstances. The balance of the project fee (the entire project fee minus the US$195 deposit) is due one month prior to the participant’s project start date. If the fee is not received one month prior to the start date then the participant will be disqualified from the project. Once the entire project fee is received 50% of the balance of the project fee (not including the non-refundable deposit) will be refunded if the participant cancels prior to the start of his or her participation.

In the condition that a participant is unable to complete two or more weeks of his or her project due to illness, injury, or death of an immediate family member – Friends For Asia will give the participant a non-transferable credit to be used toward future participation in the originally-designated project. This credit will cover a period not exceeding the remaining number of weeks the participant will be missing and will be dependent upon dates and availability.

In order to receive the credit for future participation, the participant must meet the following requirements:

  • In the case of a death of a family member, the participant must present proof of the death and of the relationship to the deceased.

  • In the case of illness or injury, the participant must present written proof from an accredited physician in Nepal or his or her home country, stating that he or she are unable to complete the project.

There is no refund or credit for participants who miss less than two weeks of participation in their project.

Administrative Separation from projects with Friends For Asia

A participant will be administratively separated from Friends For Asia projects and accommodation if a participant:

  1. Hurts/assaults another person.
  2. Displays disrespect for staff, other participants or individuals at project site.
  3. Drives or rides on a motorbike without permission given by local coordinators.
  4. Drives a car without permission given by local coordinators).
  5. Proselytizes to host project site individuals, other Friends For Asia participants or Friends For Asia staff.
  6. Is unable to complete project responsibilities.
  7. Is hospitalized and/or sent home due to illness or injury.
  8. Is imprisoned or jailed.
  9. Breaks local law.
  10. Has a romantic and/or inappropriate relationship with Friends For Asia staff.
  11. Is smoking inside the Friends For Asia accommodation.
  12. Takes a guest (or guests) upstairs in the Friends For Asia accommodation or host-family accommodation.
  13. Creates loud noises at night.
  14. Uses or posses drugs or illegal substances.
  15. Possess weapons.
  16. Displays destructive behavior.
  17. Displays unreasonable untidiness.

Friends For Asia

Liability and Terms and Conditions Agreement

Friends For Asia and Friends For Asia staff are not liable for any accident, illness, injury, theft, loss or damage of personal belongings which may occur to a participant throughout the duration of the participant’s project and time with Friends For Asia.

Participation Start Date: __________________________________________

Participation End Date: ___________________________________________

*By signing below the participant acknowledges that they have read, understood, agreed to and will abide by the above rules, terms and conditions of fees and participation in Friends For Asia projects. Signing below releases Friends For Asia and Friends For Asia staff from any liability in connection to any accident, illness, injury, death, theft, loss or damage of personal belongings for the duration of any project and additional time spent with Friends For Asia.

Full legal name (written): ______________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________